What is a DAW?

D.A.W. = Digital Audio Workstation, sounds epic dunnit?

I was just 16, obsessed with playing guitar on my own, in my bedroom, when one evening my dad came to my room with a bright orange box with some blue logo and bold white letters. 

It was my first recording software - SONAR by Cakewalk. I had no clue what it exactly was but my dad had told me that it would allow me to record my guitar. Needless to say the idea of being able to record my guitar and hear how awesome (I thought) I sounded, was very appealing. At this point, I wish there was YouTube or somebody who knew around that could explain to me what on earth I was looking at. I was completely baffled!

After a lot of trial and error, and after almost quitting a couple of times, I began to understand what the various buttons did and discovered a “workflow” that worked for what I was trying to do - hear how awesome I was at guitar. This is what lead me to want to make a video about DAW.

This episode of Music Production Tips Tuesday, is not for everyone, it’s for the complete beginner who has never seen what a DAW is and has never attempted to record music. I go on to show you the layout of the DAW in the most simplistic way I could. I wanted to explain the sections of the window that one would come across - the toolbar, the main editing section (where your audio tracks appear) and fader/plug-in section. Most DAW consist of these three elements, maybe in a different layout but they are still there.

It’s a very basic video but I hope you are able to take something from it. If you have any question, by all means leave a comment, drop me a message and I’ll do my best to answer.